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Sprudge Reviews Left Coast Roast

When came into being a few short years ago, it was modeled on the Drudge Report: Links to coffee news and gossip, packaged into a simple, sprawling list. In the last year, their coverage has gotten simultaneously more serious and more fun—they are pretty much the go-to place for learning about what’s happening now in “third wave” coffee.  I was extremely flattered that they wanted to have a first look at Left Coast Roast, and that they have such lovely things to say about it:

…The book manages to be introductory and authoritative at the same time, no small feat considering the breadth of Ms. Neuschwander’s subject matter – the 90 page primer that begins the book should be required reading, and not just for West Coast coffee types.

Left Coast Roast is an absolutely beautiful printed object, stunningly designed by Timber’s Breanna Goodrow and rife with lively, playful illustrations by Allison Berg and Ryan Bush. Sprudge was lucky enough to score an early copy of LCR, and seriously, it’s a playground of information and art.

I couldn’t agree more about that last part, but the way. It really *is* a lovely book, thanks to the work of Bree, Allison, and Ryan.

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