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Photos from the Left Coast Roast launch party, August 27

Coffee roasters, media, friends and family gathered to celebrate the launch of Left Coast Roast last night. We had an incredible turnout, selling out of books by 9pm. Spirit of 77 made the party a party with amazing coffee cocktails by barman Kelley Swenson (my favorite was some sort of ginger, coffee, and bourbon confection), as well as Migration Brewing’s Coffee IPA and Laurelwood Brewing’s Cascara Obscura (a Belgian-style beer brewed with the dried fruit of coffee cherry—yum). Roasters faced off against one another in Pop-a-Shot, and I played Skeeball until midnight. Not bad for a book launch. Thanks to everyone who attended and hooted/hollered for west coast coffee.

And you can check out more pics over on the Timber Press blog.

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