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Alas, Nectar Coffee Company is no more

In Left Coast Roast, I called Nectar Coffee Company “One to Watch.” Sadly, the only place to watch the wee company today is in the rearview mirror. The short-lived but much-loved operation was the effort of veteran roaster Todd Weiler, who roasted on a tiny Ambex YM-2. For nearly two years, he sold his whole bean single origin coffee along with steamy pour overs at local farmer’s markets in the Portland suburbs. Weiler made his way to Portland via roasting stints for both Flying Goat and Intelligentsia in California.

The Blue Bottle roasting works. Photo courtesy of @toddweiler1.

Now, he has headed back to California to take a pretty wonderful job as lead roaster at Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland. You can keep track of his exploits on Twitter at @toddweiler1.

Seattle Eater Updates Coffee Heat Map

Foodie gossip guide Eater Seattle has just updated its Coffee Heat Map with the hottest spots in the Emerald City. The list includes some cafes that have been around for ages, like Victrola and Vivace, and newcomers like Milstead & Co. Especially notable is the inclusion of Canlis, a Seattle restaurant that opened in 1950 but got a complete overhaul in 2005. Even more recently, they revamped their coffee menu, adding a full espresso bar with Intelligentsia Coffee and a pour over bar that features coffee from various quality-focused roasters.

Seattle Eater's Coffee Heat Map